Alison has 4 children - they have been taken to live in another country against their will and we are campaigning to help her to get them backThis is called Alison's Campaign - please listen to a message from Alison's daughter who is aged 14 by clicking on the audio link above.

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Alison's daughters message - Unknown Artist

My name is John Sadler. My wife, Margaret, and I became friends with Alison and have journeyed with her through this difficult time. We have started Alison's Campaign to raise funds to help pay for legal costs and other related expenses as Alison travels to visit her children often.  She needs our help to have a voice that can be heard.

Will you listen to Alison's daughter's audio message and if you can - support us by either publicising the Campaign on your social media and/or if possible, supporting Alison's Campaign financially?

Together WE CAN HELP!

This story involves helping a distraught mother called Alison (name has been changed for confidentiality). Her husband took their 4 children to live in a North African country (all of them were born in the UK or Europe) after she had tried to separate from him due to being mentally and physically abused and feeling trapped in a marriage that had broken down. Alison is not a wealthy person but she is kind, considerate, has a huge heart for human beings and is desperate to have her children reunited to live with her in the UK.


Alison has a UK lawyer and a lawyer in the country where the children are and the legal costs are expensive. she has reported the events to the police, home office; foreign embassy and to her local MP.  She has visited the British Embassy in the country where the children are living. Alison has all the legal rights to bring the children back home however the UK does not have diplomatic rights with the country in question.  So to date, the most obvious thing cannot be achieved – to get the children back to the UK and be reunited with their mother. However, slowly, she is making progress.

Her Lawyer in North Africa is confident that she will win her case in the country where the children are and this may unlock the way to be able to bring the children home. However, cases like this are always very difficult.


Alison is very concerned for her daughter who is aged 14. She is really struggling with her situation and is desperate to come home to be with her Mum and friends – this desperation is beginning to affect her health. Alison's daughter has made a video - the link to her audio is below - Please take a few moments to listen to her. 



 The costs involved in getting legal advice, travelling and hotels as well as a host of other issues involved in the case mean that Alison needs our help to continue her fight and win her case – will you join with us in helping her? We also need publicity to help raise funds and prayer support.

So what can we do?

Well one option is to sympathise but do nothing! But……  IT cannot be right that a mother has her children taken away from her without having any Rights can it??


Our aim is to see the children return to England to be with their mother. Nothing is preventing the father being with the children or seeing them so long as he does this in the UK. We need your help though!


What we can do is:

2.       Join our campaign for ALISON’S RIGHTS

3.       Listen to Alison’s daughter’s plea for help

4.       Click on the crowd funding page that has been set up for ALISON's 

          Campaign and give financially (every small or large donation will

          make such a difference)

5.       Share this story by email and every other social media platform

          that you have access to and ask your friends to join us!


Together we can build momentum and we will make a difference!

Having your support will make a real difference to ALISON – simply to know that you care makes a difference –

We have set up a Facebook page – you can leave messages for Alison there or send her an email at

Alison's daughters message - Unknown Artist